I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as President of the Jamaican Civic and Cultural Association of Rockland, Inc. (“JAMCCAR”) “standing on the shoulders” of our distinguished past Presidents, Clara Linton, Dr. Clover Hall, Fay Codner-Smith, Sonia Tracey-McCallum, Carol Williams and Susan Young-Mercer, each of whom have given this organization a solid foundation, and continue to devote tireless effort.

We are commemorating Jamaica’s 57th year as an Independent nation and JAMCCAR‘s 30th anniversary when we celebrate with our Annual Independence Gala and Scholarship Awards.  We reflect on the remarkable achievements of our people and pay homage to those both here and abroad.

In 1990, the organization, JAMCCAR, was founded. It was agreed that the organization would be inclusive of not only Jamaican nationals, but others in the African diaspora and American friends; hence the motto: “Jamaicans And Friends Working Together.” Individuals volunteered to develop a Mission Statement and formulate By-Laws. Subsequently, officers were elected and other committees were established to move the organization forward.

Over the past 30 years, JAMCCAR has remained true to the mission developed at its inception: To foster good relations, through closer association with Jamaicans and friend’s in Rockland County and its environs, developing and promoting throughout the community, the civic, cultural, economic and social aspects of the Jamaican, Caribbean and Pan African cultures.

Our focus has been a strong commitment to our young people. Since 1990, the organization has disbursed approximately $200,000 in scholarship awards. In addition, JAMCCAR has supported the Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center’s summer program, as well as the Maxfield Park Children’s Home, Cockburn Gardens Elementary & Middle School in Hagley Park, and several basic schools in Jamaica, West Indies.

JAMCCAR honors college-bound students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement and extensive community service. This year, with our theme, “Celebrating Jamaican Cultural Ambassadors,” we are privileged to honor three outstanding icons of Jamaican music at home and abroad.

Again, JAMCCAR is a non-profit organization that has continued to serve Rockland County and its environs for 30 years.  It offers the following:

  • Association and fellowship with Jamaicans and others.
  • Opportunity for graduating high school seniors to apply for scholarship awards.
  • Networking/Entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Discounts on special JAMCCAR events and on block purchasing to outside events.
  • Recreational activities, including cricket, folk singing, steel band, drumming, youth cultural and performance groups.
  • Civic and cultural activities for children and adults, including the Annual Cultural Showcase.
  • Special interest community forums on education, health, citizenship, and other topics.

In the coming year, our goal is to expand our outreach in the community and increase our membership. We are counting on your continued support.

Special thanks to our sponsors, various organizations, and individuals who have contributed to our great successes over the years.

Finally, a “special thank you” for supporting the organization and for sharing this journey with us.

Best wishes to all.

Millicent Johnson