JAMCCAR – Jamaican Civic & Cultural Association of Rockland, Inc.

First Vice President Message

Sonia Tracey

First Vice President-Programs
It is an honor to serve in another leadership capacity as First Vice President/Programs. This awesome opportunity allows me to work with other dedicated Committee Chairs . Through our collective efforts , we provide interesting and informational civic and cultural topics on a monthly basis.
In addition, as a Founding Member and Past President; I am pleased that the organization is committed to enhancing the lives of young people. This is very rewarding! JAMCCAR, intends to continue to provide programs through partnerships with other organizations and community collaboration.
Our Programs include:
Forums On:
We thank all JAMCCAR members, past and present who have served in any capacity for the organization. Your generous volunteerism have “paved the way” for our success over the past many years.