JAMCCAR – Jamaican Civic & Cultural Association of Rockland, Inc.


Our objective is to foster educational development amongst our young people. To help fulfill this objective, JAMCCAR offers scholarships to eligible college-bound students who will pursue full-time studies.
JAMCCAR The Jamaican Civic & Cultural Association of Rockland Scholarship Winners
2018 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Criteria


“After meeting the criteria listed above, YOU MUST complete a personal interview with the scholarship committee.”

Involvement in Community Organizations

All scholarship recipients are required to attend JAMCCAR’s monthly meeting in July to share their educational plans and JAMCCAR’s Independence Gala in August to receive awards.(Participation in JAMCCAR is a plus) Scholarship applications are available from guidance counselors of all county highschools as well as from JAMCCAR’ s Scholarship Committee.

Please note the following points carefully

We salute all of our students for their dedication to academic accomplishments. These are our future role models for tomorrow. We have no doubt that they will succeed in college, and in their careers.